Building Michigan’s Future through Clean Energy and Clean Jobs


Clean Jobs for Michigan is building a future we can all be proud of. Through advocating for clean water, clean energy, and good-paying clean jobs, we’re working to build a Michigan that will sustain our natural resources and hardworking Michigan families for generations to come.


  • Reducing environmental impact:

    Clean energy and jobs focus on activities that minimize environmental impact. Investing in these projects and jobs helps to reduce harmful emissions, conserve natural resources, and mitigate climate change.

  • Boosting economic growth:

    Clean jobs have the potential to drive economic growth, as they often require specialized skills and investments in new technology. By investing in these jobs, communities can attract new businesses, increase tax revenues, and create new opportunities for residents.

  • Bringing the supply chain back to Michigan:

    Attracting clean jobs in Michigan means supporting the local economy, reducing dependence on foreign countries, improving supply chain resilience, promoting sustainable practices, and strengthening local communities.

  • Improving public health:

    Investing in clean jobs can have direct benefits for public health, as it can reduce exposure to harmful pollutants and promote healthier living environments.

  • Lowering costs and strengthening energy infrastructure

    As a result of greater energy efficiency and a cleaner electricity grid, residents can see lower energy bills and improved resiliency against extreme weather that too often causes power outages.

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Clean energy companies employed almost


Michiganders at the end of 2021

The majority of these jobs are in manufacturing

( 0 %)

and construction

( 0 %)

Over two-thirds of Michigan’s clean energy jobs are with small businesses employing less than 20 workers

Clean energy jobs pay up to

0 %

more than the national median wage

Since August 2022, Michigan has seen more than

$ 0 Billion

in investments in Clean Energy Projects, powering the creation of more than

0 Jobs


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